[nycbug-talk] Re: BSD on HP Proliant machines

Pete Wright pete
Wed Oct 27 10:43:02 EDT 2004

Dave Steinberg wrote:

>> It might be possible to run HPASM under the linux binary emulation 
>> system.
>> (recent versions of the HPASM software are done entirely in usermode, 
>> and
>> binary only kernel modules are not needed anymore.)  However this 
>> would be a
>> crappy solution.
> Why crappy?  If it works, what's the issue?  (Maybe it doesn't, just 
> curious... :)
> Regards,

from my perspective, i would like to try to keep my systems as simple as 
possible i.e. no messing around with installing linux emulation just to 
controll firmware.  it seems like it's just another layer of unneeded 
complexity created on the vendors part (i think this holds true even in 
regard to the rpm only format of distribution).


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