[nycbug-talk] poll

Bjorn Nelson o_sleep
Wed Oct 27 10:49:43 EDT 2004

> hey i have a poll for the nycbug.  i know we love bsd an all, but 
> sometimes you have to switch over to the dark side and run...gasp 
> linux.  so what distro do folks around here prefer.  i'll start it off 
> myself:
> debian
> anyway i thought it'd just be fun to see who runs what....

Considering the only reason I would run linux over bsd is if I had to.  
Which means it is an app that needs to run on a "certified" OS.  It is 
limited to two options: Redhat or SUSE.  I choose SUSE.  There is more 
room for growth at Novell. SUSE is as well supported as RedHat (almost) 
and with the other projects at Novell being integrating, I think it 
will have some things that you won't be able to find elsewhere.


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