[nycbug-talk] FW: MySQL 4.1 at Our Next Meetup

Hans Zaunere hans
Fri Oct 29 13:25:51 EDT 2004

Hey folks,

MySQL 4.1 was just released into production, and we're having a meetup
to discuss and answer questions, which I'll be moderating.


> Your Organizer, Hans Zaunere, sent the following message to the
> members of New York City MySQL Meetup Group.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> We're looking forward to a great Meetup on Monday, November
> 1st.  MySQL folks will be attending to answer your technical
> and non-technical questions, and to discuss the new 4.1
> release.  There are many great new features in this release,
> and here's a primer:
> http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/linuxunix/0,39020390,39171538,00.htm
> http://www.internetnews.com/ent-news/article.php/3428201
> I look forward to meeting everyone at this next meetup.
> Hans Zaunere

Hope to see everyone there,

Hans Zaunere, Sales Engineer
MySQL, Inc.  www.mysql.com
Office: +1 212.213.1131

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