[nycbug-talk] Virtual Jail Installfest

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Sep 3 01:28:34 EDT 2004

Hi all,

I wanted to keep this one a bit low key, as bandwidth/space is limited, 
but I'm hosting a 'Virtual Jailing Installfest', starting tomorrow 

The skinny, this weekend, I'm giving root access to a server in my home 
office, and let everyone who wants to get their feet wet with jails!  
It's an ad-hock followup to the last lecture.

It's something a mix between a biker-gang party at some bar in the 
Badlands of the Dakotas, or a bunch of Buddhist Monks getting together 
to do a sand painting in Tibet.
Except it's more like a bunch of UNIX hackers getting together across 
the internet, to go nuts on a server for the weekend, so it's not 
really much like either...

If you aren't comfortable with a root shell on a UNIX machine, please 
tag-team with someone who is- this party requires basic unix 
administrative knowledge, but we don't want to leave anyone out!  
Everyone can always learn *something*!


I have a little server which is going to be nuked on monday and I 
already prepped it with a fresh FreeBSD 5.2.1 install the other day, in 
an attempt to have a 'cooking-show style' example of starting a jail 
during my lecture...  With that, this little slow rig took FOREVER to 
compile the source jail userland, and was even still compiling when I 
left to give the lecture...

So, now, the machine is sitting here in my home office, going to be 
nuked, (for a fresh 4.10 install Monday), and I'd love to give anyone 
who came from nycbug the opportunity to create, run, and generally get 
your feet wet with jailing in the machine.

I only have 1 external IP address to the world, and it's (more or less) 
nat'd to an internal 192.168.1.x address range- so the jailed servers 
won't be able to see the outside world- (but one will be able to ssh 
into them from the master jailing system).

DETAILS (read if you are attending please!):
Any NYCBUG member, or friend of NYCBUG is welcome to 'attend', here's 
the deal:

1) Everyone will receive a root account on the Jailing server,

If you want in, you should show up on irc tomrorrow after 1:30pm-2:30pm 
EST., and again at 7:30pm to 8:30pm.


I will give out user accounts (ssh login), everyone gets root on the 
box (via sudo).  Then, those who then have accounts, can give out more 
accounts as folks show up throughout the weekend.


If you just want to show up and watch, that's AOK too, the more the 

2) I will have a system userland pre-compiled (raw, unconfigured) and 
available for copying- this will save cpu for everyone, so we're not 
all doing a 'make world' at the same time... :)

3) I will be in and out on irc for the weekend, (though working 
tomorrow and Sat.,) but I should be around to answer questions, and 
keep things running smoothly.  If I'm not around, it's up to the 
attendees to keep the party lively.  Nobody do anything dangerous while 
I'm not around, ok?

4) The purpose of this fun is to let everyone experiment with Jailing, 
so while other uses of the system is aok, let's keep it sane and 
focused around jailing- (i.e. no cpu/network intensive off-topic 
activities, ok?)  It is fine to compile stuff inside the jails, just 
use your better judgement, and tell people on irc what your doing.  
(i.e. it would suck if everyone is running cvsup from inside jails all 
at once!)

5) This is not a NYC only event, and is open to anyone interested- but 
as my bandwidth and server is limited, only so many folks can be on at 
once- (we'll just have to feel all that out...)  Invite whomever you 
feel will act in the spirit of the event- (hey, some of the most crowed 
parties I've been to have had the best dancing- so whatever...)

6) Fork Bombs, Hog Attacks, and other Destructive Activities which are 
'on topic' with regard to jailing:  I'd like to reserve this kind of 
activity until Sunday afternoon, if anyone is so inclined.  (insomuch 
as I'd like to be around to power-cycle the server).

7) It is everyone's job to keep a light eye on things so that the 
server is not compromised and used inappropriately by any dorks to do 
nefarious things- (crack remote boxes, send spam, etc...), activities 
of that nature will not be tolerated.  In the unlikely event that some 
'off-topic' activity happens from the server, I'll simply shut it down- 
and whomever is responsible will have a boatload of BSD hardcores after 
them for ruining the party... :)

     Friday, Sept.3- Monday, Sept.6, 2004


     My ADSL line: 1.5m/140k (plenty of room for a bunch of ssh shells)

     800mhz PIII
     512mb RAM, (I might be able to find more ram around here before 
     Approx. 70GB free drive space

OS Details:
     FreeBSD 5.2.1 with Developer Install (src, docs, but no games, no 

     # nycbug


That's all folks, see you on the wire!


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