[nycbug-talk] OT: home ISP

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Sep 24 19:54:48 EDT 2004

Hi all,

On Sep 24, 2004, at 6:33 PM, Bjorn Nelson wrote:

> if you go with dsl I recommend acedsl:
> http://www.acedsl.com
> static ip and they cater to those that want to run services.
> -Bjorn

I'm sorry to disagree here Bjorn-

I'll seriously raise a red flag over AceDSL/AceScape DSL many years ago 
for about 2 years even, and it was a truly awful experience.  The 
service was bad, and the folks on the phone ALWAYS had a crappy 
attitude and just wanted me to get off the phone.  Outages felt 

When I moved to my current address, my roomates had had AceScape for 
years, and when I moved in were paying a truly old insane rate- (twice 
the price and 1/4 the speed of what's common now), and I wanted to 
switch back to my Cloud9.  When I put in the order to change over 
service, AceDSL folks did a really nasty thing- they put in a 
'Stop-Order' or somesuch with Verizon, instead of just letting Cloud9 
take over the connection- (which would have been nearly transparent).  
Instead of the line going dead one day, and plugging in the new router 
to get back up, our service was outright OFF FOR OVER 35 DAYS- at the 
DSLAM- just like Verizon was installing a new line.  Since I work from 
home, lets say I got really damn comfie with the local wifi cafe.

For that, f.forget AceDSL.

Cloud9 GOOD
http://mirrors.cloud9.net/  <-- FreeBSD Mirror


I've had Colud9 for 3 + years now, and they simply rock- (also they are 
BSD folks <g>).
They even walked me through re-configuring my not-so-old AceScape DSL 
router for their service, since at the time, they were all selling the 
same models.  Service is great, uptime is transparently good, no ports 
blocked, and static IP's available.  And they'll explain anything you 
need (politely!).

Also very cool, I had a billing snafu when I moved last winter, screwed 
me up as I was moving and balancing personal cash (er, spending it)... 
Anyhow, I called them, they had indeed screwed up an charged me for 
service I'd already disconnected, and not only did they credit-back 
what they accidentally charged, but then credited me the sum of what 
they screwed up.  Blew my mind.  That's the way I like doing business, 
and I appreciate finding a solid provider that works that way.


(p.s. although nauseatingly gushy, that sphiel was not a paid-for 

P.S. My email address has changed with the incorporation of my 
business, though structuredsystems email will continue to reach me.  I 
can now be reached at:

isaac at diversaform.com

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