[nycbug-talk] stuff to give away

Pete Wright pete
Sat Sep 25 15:20:10 EDT 2004

Isaac Levy wrote:

> Hi Josh, All,
> On Sep 25, 2004, at 2:00 PM, Josh McCormack wrote:
>> RAM: SpecTek 168pin 64mb, I think 100 speed
>> Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar 6558.6MB, made in '99, complete 
>> with my neighbors stuff and Windows ME!
>> Laptop power cord: for old fujitsu laptop
> Actually- this makes me think- it would be SWEET to have an organized 
> NYCBUG junk-swap.
> What does everybody think of that?  I seriously could do it at my 
> place in fabby williamsburg.  Could bring books, parts, stuff, etc... 
> with the aim of getting rid of it, and perhaps scoring something cool.
> What does everyone think?

I think I'm starting to get pissed that this will be another NYCBUG 
event that I will be missing because of my move ;)  Seriously, I think 
it's a great idea!


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