[nycbug-talk] the list

O_Sleep o_sleep
Sun Sep 26 11:03:47 EDT 2004

>> --
>> If this becomes a problematic issue, we could likely just donate the
>> books to the NYPL directly, insomuch as we pay taxes for them to
>> manage  checkouts- but a nicety of user groups is being around the
>> flow of free  goodies, and sharing the knowledge, (book reviews,
>> etc...)
> I would say just give it to the members who want them.  Libraries get
> lot of books and throw out a good chunk of them, I worked in a library
> for a short time.

The nice thing about this idea is that there is no obligations.  If 
someone loses a book, they lose it from themselves.  People can just 
have a wishlist of books they want.  If someone gets a book this way 
and sees someone else wants the same book.  They can just give it to 
them after they are done reading it.


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