[nycbug-talk] stuff to give away

george at rob.us.to george
Tue Sep 28 03:41:47 EDT 2004

If we have one in Williamsburg I suggest it being near (or at least a
field trip to) Leeds Electronics on N 7th near the water.  Talk about
junk - they have stuff going way back to when they were on Radio Row
downtown.  Its only open SAT 10am - 2pm. Going into it is like the end
of Raiders of the Lost Ark with electronics - on a small scale of


ps. I wish someone would just rent a store front during the weekends
in say lower manhattan (maybe outside the computer bookworks on duane), 
and do junk-fests, bsd-fests, servo/robot
parts-fest, surplus-electronics-fests, distribution cds,... out of it.
and people would come from far and wide.

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