[nycbug-talk] Trusted Computing Opinions?

Isaac Levy ike
Mon Aug 1 16:54:48 EDT 2005

Hey All,

I just wanted to take an informal poll to see how everyone feels  
about 'Trusted Computing' in general.

I know what the FSF thinks of Trusted Computing, what do the BSD  
people on this list think about it?  URLS and thoughts from any  
perspective would be most welcome here...


PS: What spurned my questions:
Today, Apple's upcoming DRM for their hardware platform got  
Slashdotted, and aside from all the whining and moaning, it's a move  
that's making me (a long time Mac fan) sadly want to move away from  
the platform altogether- and make certain Apple knows how and why I  
feel how I do.

Slashdt: 'Mac OS X Intel Kernel Uses DRM'

'Trusted Platform Module 101'

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