[nycbug-talk] Fwd: Novell Goes for SCO's Throat

George Georgalis george
Tue Aug 2 16:06:45 EDT 2005

I don't usually post this sort of stuff but this
really got my attention... Novel says SCO doesn't
have the right to sell Unix licenses, and SCO has
denied Novel their right to audit Unix business
deals with Microsoft and Sun. Humph.

The article says...

In short, SCO owes Novell money for new Unix
licenses and Novell has some veto power over SCO's
Unix deals.

Novell contends that SCO, as "the alleged successor
to Santa Cruz" has violated several of these rights.

Specifically, Novell claims that while SCO has
acknowledged that Novell has a right to audit its
Unix license program, the Lindon, Utah, company has
refused to let Novell audit its Unix business.

In particular, SCO has refused to let Novell
audit its 2003 deals with Microsoft Corp. and Sun
Microsystems Inc.

It was these multimillion-dollar contracts that gave
SCO one of its few profitable quarters in recent

This revenue also enabled SCO to proceed with
its lawsuits against IBM and other Linux-using

4. News: Novell Goes for SCO's Throat

Novell doesn't simply deny that SCO has any rights to Unix's 
copyrights; the company is claiming that SCO has no rights to 
sell Unix licenses and that SCO must turn over all its Unix 
royalties to it.


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