[nycbug-talk] BSD on a desktop (revisited)

Isaac Levy ike
Wed Aug 3 08:03:23 EDT 2005

Hey All,

What kinds of X11 desktops does everyone use, and would reccommend to  
a possible 'reverse switcher', from a Mac desktop to a BSD machine?   
I know this discussion has come up here before, but in different  
contexts, (newbie users, people switching from windows, etc...)

I'm asking in light of yesterday's post regarding Apple and trusted  
computing fun,


this BSD/UNIX server jockey is now looking to dive seriously into X11  
desktop use.  I'm coming from the perspective of a LONG time mac  
user, who tends to live at shells on remote servers, and listen to a  
lot of music...  I like using multiple desktops, and usually switch  
between LOTS of windows while working.  I'm also an avid key-command  
user, and learn new GUI app key commands fast- but I expect  
consistency for any of it to make sense to me.

What does everyone use?



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