[nycbug-talk] VOIP provider leads

George R. george
Fri Aug 5 10:08:48 EDT 2005

I have been looking at switching VOIP service providers for a while now 
and wanted to get some feedback from this list.

The provider I have two clients working with has been a nightmare, with 
number terminations changing weekly and various other problems.

Sure, you could go with Vonage, and there are certainly advantages, such 
as the ability to use different soft phones regardless of codec 
compatibility, but there's too many problems I've heard about their 
service, and we don't want to be required to use their hardware.

Are there any carriers in the NYC area that anyone would recommend?

I have been trying to test out some phones from Digifonica for a while, 
but they seem to be on the slow track.  I met one of their (Linux) 
engineers at BSDCan this past May.

Would be very interested in hearing good and bad experiences.  At this 
point, I'm about to dive back into my PBX past and have my own VOIP 
switch, but I really don't have the time.


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