[nycbug-talk] BSD on a desktop (revisited)

Kevin Reiter tux
Fri Aug 5 15:03:39 EDT 2005

pete wright wrote:
> On 8/3/05, *Ray Lai* <nycbug at cyth.net <mailto:nycbug at cyth.net>> wrote:
>     On Wed, Aug 03, 2005 at 08:03:23AM -0400, Isaac Levy wrote:
>     > Hey All,
>     >
>     > What kinds of X11 desktops does everyone use, and would reccommend to
>     > a possible 'reverse switcher', from a Mac desktop to a BSD machine?
>     > I know this discussion has come up here before, but in different
>     > contexts, (newbie users, people switching from windows, etc...)
>     I use ratpoison for my window manager and almost never use the
>     mouse.  However, there's no prettiness factor to it at all, if
>     that's what you're looking for.
> you know i've been thinking about this thread for a couple days.  i
> really don't have one WM i love, or use exclusivly (KDE/Gnome/fvwm are
> all in my constant rotation as is TWM).  For me it's all about which
> terminal emulator that you use.  i mean honestly %90 of my work is done
> in a shell, so my terminal emulater has to be just so.  i've pretty much
> settled on Konsole (kde's terminal emulator).  It's quick, pretty
> customizable, tab's work properlly and is just quicker and much less
> buggy than multi-gnome-terminal/gnome-terminal/other-terms-i've tried
> (aterm, rxvt etc.).  granted i'm also a huge fan of xterm...but as far
> as one of the first things i install on a new personal workstation is
> konsole.

On that note, I'd like to speak up for Eterm.  I've been using since the
first day I discovered Enlightenment, which was the first day I installed
Linux (before discovering BSD :) although I don't realy use Enlightenment
anymore since discovering Fluxbox.  Eterm works great with just about
everything, and I like the backgrounds (I've replaced the defaults to use
one of the 600+ Digital Blasphemy images I have randomly) and the ability
to have a borderless window for viewing logs and such.

..there's now a nickel in the kitty :)


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