[nycbug-talk] Going crazy

Joshua S. Freeman jfreeman
Fri Aug 5 16:19:23 EDT 2005

So, finally I'm getting around to installing FreeBSD on my IBM T42 laptop.

I'm using Fdisk to create the partitions...

I'm trying to do:

ad0s1 /
ad0s2 swap
ad0s3 /var
ad0s4 /tmp
ad0s5 /usr

Everything goes fine except when it's time to create the fifth slice
(ad0s5).  All the other slices come up wth the expected names (ad0s1 -
ad0s4) but the last slice always comes up as name 'X'.

When I go to install it can't create /usr because it can't figure out what
'X' is or how to mount it.

Can anyone help out here?



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