[nycbug-talk] BSD on a desktop (revisited)

Francisco Reyes lists
Sat Aug 6 11:47:32 EDT 2005

On Fri, 5 Aug 2005, Scott Robbins wrote:

> Although rxvt allows similar effects, I find aterm faster--and that is
> totally subjective, no I cannot prove it.  :)  So, I'm casting my vote
> for aterm.

A vote for Aterm too..
I started using actually forced by rxvt not working on a machine all of a 
sudden.. have switched since...

Compared memory usage on another machine and if I recall correctly aterm 
has slightly less.

>Eterm allows borderless, regardless of WM?

Have never used Eterm... what is the advantage of it over rxvt or aterm?

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