[nycbug-talk] Hey

Vertigo vertigo
Sat Aug 6 14:44:52 EDT 2005

 I feel pretty lame about this, but I subscribed to the wrong mailing list.
 What's up woth the con in September (volunteer mailing list, etc.) I
 was planning on offering my services sitting behind a DV cam.  (I've
 picked it up as a hobby, but have not made a full investment yet. It's
 a bit expensive, and as always, I'm a bit broke.)  Are we streaming
 the presentations, creating a podcast, or both?


"In the outside world, all forms of intelligence, whether of sound or 
sight, have been reduced to the form of varying currents in an electric
circuit in order that they may be transmitted."

                                           --Vannevar Bush, 1945

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