[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD and hardware monitoring (ServerWorks)

Charles Sprickman spork
Sat Aug 6 15:30:05 EDT 2005

Hi all,

While trying to track down some nasty problems that are now leading to 
more and more reboots, I was thinking "Hmmm...  it would be nice to know 
if all the fans are spinning, voltage is proper, cpus are not too hot".

In the past, I've fiddled with lmmon, xmbmon, healthd and none of them 
seem to deal with "server class" machines that use the ServerWorks 
chipset.  ie:

toolbox[/usr/ports/sysutils/xmbmon/work/xmbmon205]# ./mbmon -d -A
SMBus[ServerWorks(ServerSet Chipset)] found, but No HWM available on it!!
Summary of Detection:
  * No monitors found.

I'm almost ranting...  FreeBSD really needs something like lmsensors to 
make it ready for full co-lo use.  I can monitor all kinds of stuff on 
remote boxes except for the rather important "are my cpu fans spinning?" 

This client would dole out some money for someone to get this working. 
Where do I start?  Is lmmsensors so linux-specific that it simply can't be 
ported?  Should they look at extending something like mbmon?



Charles Sprickman
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