[nycbug-talk] BSD on a desktop (revisited)

George R. george
Sat Aug 6 22:55:36 EDT 2005

Francisco Reyes wrote:
> On Sat, 6 Aug 2005, Scott Robbins wrote:
>> I suspect that much of this discussion about WM's and terminals
>> resembles a discussion I saw long ago on google about mutt and
>> pine--someone posted, "People tend to give all sorts of technical
>> reasons to support what is, in the end, an emotional decision."  :)
> Not entirely.. something like how much memory a program uses is not an 
> emotional decision specially if you have a range of machines you plan to 
> install including old machines with less memory.

I agree with you Francisco, and we're also talking about what we're 
running on a desktop as a primary workstation/laptop.

There's the central question of functionality plus resource usage.

If it's a user new the BSD land, then you might go with KDE with it's 
greedy needs.

But (when) we start doing regular online polls, I'd bet half the list 
uses fluxbox, and the other half xfce(4).  Except Hans, of course.

What I don't understand is the aterm/eterm/rxvt discussion.

I need something readable and clear, so I've never gone past
xterm -bg black -fg green
for any extended period of time.

Transparency, lack of scroll bars, etc, is just to way overcomplicated 
when I just want a clean xterm.


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