[nycbug-talk] BSD on a desktop (revisited)

George Georgalis george
Sun Aug 7 01:19:52 EDT 2005

On Sat, Aug 06, 2005 at 10:04:55PM -0700, pete wright wrote:
>yea i totally agree, when i have one off shell jobs, or know i'm going
>to be able to complete a task in one sitting xterm is the way to go
>(although  "-fg green" gman youre killing me ;p).  yet when i have
>sessions open for long peroids of time, for me a tabbed shell is a
>must as is a tabbed web browser.  i gave aterm a try, really i did but
>it just never clicked with me.

screen is good... and xterm always comes with X, though it may
take a lot of options and config files to make it work to suit.

Me been following this thread, and given some thought about why I use
what I use (sawfish).  It's about getting the job done. When I last
did serious WM shopping, I wanted to use blackbox, but at the time
it didn't have bbkeys by default. I need something I could install
quickly and drop my configuration into quickly on new hosts. I've not
made significant changes in the past couple years. I looked at some
WM posted here and they all look like they fill a niche, would even
like to try one or two, but my setup really has no complaints from
me, so it may be a while...

// George

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