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George Georgalis george
Wed Aug 10 23:24:11 EDT 2005

On Wed, Aug 10, 2005 at 10:47:18PM -0400, hzs202 at gmail.com wrote:
>Hi All,
>Some of you know I recently setup Mutt on a dual-boot FBSD/Linux Machine
>and there are some things that I still tinkering with. Like for instance
>I have Procmail delivering *mail-list* mail to mailboxes setup by
>.muttrc. However, all the mail delivered in these mailboxes has a (0) in
>the mail size column. Why is this, do I need to setup some kind of
>hook. I certainly hope not, for something so trivial. Anyway, see both
>my .muttrc file and .procmailrc file below:

mailboxes setup by mutt? you could just do
mkdir -p mailboxes/mailbox/{new,cur,tmp}

># Formail Variable
># Mail-list Variable
>* ^TO_talk at lists.nycbug.org

The second ":" is to lock the mbox, you don't need it for maildir.
here's how I do procmail...

# anything not explicitly sorted goes in the stray maildir

* ^Sender:.talk-bounces at lists.nycbug.org
|safecat bsd-nycbug bsd-nycbug/new

I stopped using TO_ a long time ago because mail list mail is only mail
list mail if it came from the maillist server.  You may have to build
safecat, the advantage of using safecat that way instead of just
(per the MAILDIR env set above it goes in $HOME/Mail/bsd-nycbug/)
safecat touches the mtime of bsd-nycbug/ when it creates a tmp file, so I
can see the order of last mail deliveries with "ls -rlt $HOME/Mail"

>Again, the problem is that Mutt does not recognize the size of the
>mail-files droped in the mail-list mailboxes. A little help would be
>great guys. Thanks

Heh, I'm a mutt head. Looks like you are using %l in your index_format
see man muttrc, it's in there by default.

%l     number of lines in the message (does not work with maildir, mh, and possibly IMAP folders)

Try this in your $HOME/.muttrc
set hdr_format="%6C %Z %{%m/%d} %-15.15F (%4c) %s"

it will use 4 spaces to show the number of bytes (%c) in the email.

// George

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