[nycbug-talk] Can I install FreeBSD 5.3 from a USB CD drive?

Maude User maudeuser
Thu Aug 11 20:15:09 EDT 2005

Hello -
I want to install FreeBSD 5.3 onto a rackmount server that came with two SATA hard drives 
(it came with no CD or floppy). I will borrow a keyboard and monitor because I was informed
today on this list that a "headless install" from my laptop over a null-modem cable would slow.
I was going to buy a cheap USB floppy drive today (I saw prices from $30 to $50) but at jandr.com in NYC today I saw a USB CD-RW/DVD+/-RW on sale for $99 
(Panasonic DVRS706) so I got that instead, figuring it was "more bang for the buck". 
Can I install FreeBSD 5.3 from this USB CD drive? 

If not, what sort of CD drive can I install from?
- Steve
Brooklyn NYC

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