[nycbug-talk] XP ate my boot record

Freeman, Joshua j
Fri Aug 12 16:20:42 EDT 2005


Thanks George... I guess it was as an afterthought that I decided to re-install XP with our version rather than with the pre-installed version.. 

installing FreeBSD should be a breeze now..



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Joshua S. Freeman wrote:
> So, this dual boot Thinkpad...
> I had FreeBSD nicely installed on the first partition last week.. This week
> I installed XP Pro on the second...
> I believe there is stuff I can do in XP so that when the machine starts up I
> can either go into FreeBSD or XP but I have no idea what that might be...
> Anyone here have experience with this?
> J.

MS always takes over your boot partition, which is why everyone stated 
that Windows should be installed first and FBSD second, so you could 
choose FBSD's boot manager for the OS selection.

I would just reinstall FBSD again on the partition for FBSD.  It's 
probably the simplest and quickest solution.


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