[nycbug-talk] "The Unity of Unix" by Paul Murphy (ZDNet)

Francisco Reyes lists
Sat Aug 13 18:34:47 EDT 2005

On Thu, 11 Aug 2005, Marc Spitzer wrote:

> Also please keep in mind that much of the open source software out
> there is only developed because it is funded, it does not have a self
> sustaining mass of volunteers that are committed to it for its own
> sake.

I would agree if you said "a number of open source projects".. or a 
"significant percentage".. but "much".. seems to imply a 
significantly large percentage...

What do you think would be the percentage of open source that is funded?

Alo you said that once funding goes away the project goes too..
I would have to disagree with that. No doubt that is true for many 
projects.. which didn't get a critical mass. Of the projects that saw 
their birth through fundind, I believe that if a large percentage of 
individuals and companies came to depend on the project that it has a 
good chance to survive even after funding goes away.

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