[nycbug-talk] Researching ISP for an IP

Francisco Reyes lists
Sun Aug 14 00:08:47 EDT 2005

Someone launched a dictionary attack against my machine.
Nothing new...

However, I always use IP2Location to see where 
the attack is coming from.. just for my curiosity.

This particular IP,, was from New York so I figure I would 
try to find the ISP to complain.

dig -x reports

;; ANSWER SECTION: 78337 IN    PTR     ros75-27.optonline.net.

but then
dig ros75-27.optonline.net
;ros75-27.optonline.net.                IN      A

Tried traceroute and mtr, but got nowhere.
Not even ping did anything when I tried

Is it possibly the attacker just spoofed the IP?

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