[nycbug-talk] Stagnant software you would like to see actively developed again?

Tillman Hodgson tillman
Tue Aug 16 10:59:53 EDT 2005

On Tue, Aug 16, 2005 at 01:45:53AM -0400, Marc Spitzer wrote:
> We all have cool tools that are no longer activly developed.  What are
> yours?  One of mine is the tcl extension Tnm, aka scotty.  Back in the
> day it rocked, and it is still very nice. here is a url
> http://wiki.tcl.tk/691

I've always liked Scotty and Tkined, so I'll add my "me too" to that
one. Web-based tools like Nagios are nice, but there's a place for "fat
clients" too. There's more info on Tkined at

I wish xfig was under more active development. The modal controls via
mouse buttons actually works well for that sort of software, and a lot
of the recent effort has gone into Visio clones (Dia, Kivio, etc).
That's hardly innovative -- heck, last time I checked they didn't even
integrate nicely with LaTeX. Xfig with LaTeX was a killer combination
for technical documentation.

Well, ok, metaplot for graphs too. Metaplot and xfig and LaTeX. And a
bunch of latex packages. And automated document generation with perl.
I'm a bit of a LaTeX fan ;-)

There's a little doc I wrote on using metapot and LaTeX at
It's not a serious paper, I was just feeling whimsical and wanted to
show a co-worker how to use metaplot (he later automated their monthly
reporting for the Unix systems with it).


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    -- Renan

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