[nycbug-talk] Newbie can't boot server - needs person or shop in NYC with mobos & CPUs to troubleshoot

Brad Schonhorst bschonhorst
Fri Aug 19 16:06:18 EDT 2005

> Hello All --
> SUMMARY: I have a new server which I'm unable to boot up after talking to
> tech
> support from various vendors over the phone. Since I don't have any spare
> CPUs or
> motherboards around for troubleshooting I'd like to find a shop or person
> in NYC I can take
> it to. I'm asking the nycbug list if you can recommend a shop or person in
> New York
> who does troubleshooting / configuration / installation for hardware and
> FreeBSD.

Although it sounds like you found someone to help already, FFR, the
*BSDTracker Resource DB has several entries of places to get BSD service:


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