[nycbug-talk] Re: Newbie can't boot server - needs person or shop in NYC with mobos & CPUs to troubleshoot

Maude User maudeuser
Fri Aug 19 21:37:43 EDT 2005

JVanasco wrote:
> I just searched for "server 750"
> Under small business, the base config is $649
> Under medium business the base is $2,026
> The  difference between the two seems to be about $200 in actual
> hardware.

I looked at Dell 750s and HP Proliants first, but I then saw I could
put together:

+ 1 x Tyan GS12 barebones rackmount server (buy.com)
+ 1 x Intel Northwood 2.8GHz 533MHz FSB P4 CPU (axiontech.com)
+ 2 x OCZ 1024MB DDR400 PC3200 unbuffered non-ECC dual-channel DIMMs
+ 2 x Western Digital 250GB 8MB cache HDs (monarchcomputer.com)

for under $1,200 (before shipping), so the "a la carte" approach
sounded like a better deal and might allow me to optimize it a bit
more for FreeBSD. For example, I figured I could go with single-
instead of dual-processor because I read FreeBSD's SMP support wasn't
mature (which made sense: parallelizing an OS must be hard in a
sequential language such as C); and I chose Northwood instead of Prescott
because Northwood runs cooler at about the same speed, and the
Prescott's hyperthreading exposed FreeBSD to a security vulnerability.

The "base" Dell 750 is priced low, but once you throw in some optional
(but actually pretty essential) add-ons, it starts to look way
overpriced. I was confident that an average computer user could
select and install a CPU, RAM and hard drive(s) based on specs
published by the component vendors. However, as published information 
about component compatibilities is spotty, out-of-date or hard for a novice
to understand, I've had to return my RAM twice so far. (Evidently I need 
unbuffered a/k/a unregistered RAM, and Alex showed it has to be low-density.) 
Hopefully the third set of RAM sticks I get will work!

-- Steve


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