[nycbug-talk] Building a Jail on 5.4 - make error

Chris Buechler cbuechler
Sun Aug 21 16:37:34 EDT 2005

On 8/21/05, Kevin Reiter <tux at penguinnetwerx.net> wrote:
> Any ideas why it's looking for usr.bin instead of usr/bin ?  If I knew
> which file to edit to correct it, I'd do it, but I couldn't find
> anything with usr.bin.

that's normal, there should be a usr.bin dir under /usr/src.  

cmb at bsd1$   ls /usr/src/usr.bin/make
Makefile        cond.c          job.c           make.c          suff.c
Makefile.dist   config.h        job.h           make.h          targ.c
PSD.doc         dir.c           list.h          nonints.h       util.c
arch.c          dir.h           lst.h           parse.c         var.c
buf.c           for.c           lst.lib         pathnames.h     var.h
buf.h           hash.c          main.c          sprite.h        var_modify.c
compat.c        hash.h          make.1          str.c

Sounds like you don't have a complete copy of src on the system. 
cvsup your src and give it another try.

> I'm going to see if Ike's jailing presentation is still on the website
> to see if that gives me better joy in the meantime, but I'd still like
> to know what's causing that error if anyone knows.

presentation is still up on http://jailing.net.  


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