[nycbug-talk] Anonymous ftp upload questions

Marco Scoffier marco
Mon Aug 22 10:54:34 EDT 2005

Hello all, 

I have set up an ftp server to get people to upload large files (images,
videos).  I was debating how to do this for a while, and decided that
because of the technical naivet? of the uploaders, anonymous ftp would
be the way to go, I do have an http upload page but some large files are
750M+ and ftp at least does resume partial uploads.

Anyway I setup vsftpd, to allow anonymous uploads and block all
downloads (don't want the warez kiddies using the server as a drop off
point).  But I am getting quite a few obvious warez uploads of 1mbtest.ptf
and space.asp which looks like a script to get the characteristics of
the server, which won't work because there is no http access to the

None of the uploads work, but I am kind of annoyed at these test uploads,
but I'm thinking there is very little I can do about this.  Any ideas?
Anyone else have a similar set up?  Would you set up a no privaledges
account, rather than go anonymous, seems like more of a hassle to risk
having a real user id and password, even with really restricted privs,
going out over ftp.



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