[nycbug-talk] Re: MySQL

Francisco Reyes lists
Mon Aug 22 15:22:06 EDT 2005

On Sun, 21 Aug 2005, Hans Zaunere wrote:

> Try turning on query caching.

That alone has been very helpfull. Utilization was 50% to 70% and was 
doing mostly 20 to 70 queries/second. Now utilization is mostly under 40% 
and QPS is 40 to 120 QPS.

> But before any of that, get the right binary.  The number one problem with
> MySQL on FreeBSD is that people use the wrong binary.

I will eventually try that. I see is as a riskier proposition. The cache 
setting is a win win (little risk, performance increase, cpu utilization 

Any suggestions on values for the cache size? Started at 64K, then 128K 
now at 256K.

Also the docs don't indicate if this memory is coming from the currently 
used memory pool, or if this is in excess of that. The one machine I am 
trying right now, is already using 128MB of swap so I am very concerned 
about memory.. Looking to see what I can move out of that machine.

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