[nycbug-talk] DAAP client

pete wright nomadlogic
Fri Aug 26 11:25:17 EDT 2005

Hey all,
Totally off on a tagent here but figured someone may have an idea about 
this. I recently set up mt-daapd (a multithreaded daap server capable of 
streaming mp3's to iTunes). I've been looking for a good daap client for 
*nix for a bit and the only thing i've turned up is "appleplayer" which 
looks like a clunky java program. Does anyone know of a good *nix daap 
player out there? Ideally it'll work on bsd, linux and if we are lucky IRIX 


ps---> noticed bsdcert.org <http://bsdcert.org> made the front page of /. 
today awesome!

Pete Wright
www.nycbug.org <http://www.nycbug.org>
NYC's *BSD User Group
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