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Larry Bogert L.Bogert
Sun Aug 28 12:11:44 EDT 2005

Hi David,

I'm forwarding your message to a friend who does exactly what you're 
proposing (he's a musician and mixes his own material).   He's been 
using a dual-G4 tower with ProTools for some time now, and gets very 
satisfactory results, so I suspect the lower G5 is sufficient, but I'd 
rather you get the nitty gritty from him.

Larry Bogert

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> From: David Rio Deiros <driodeiros at gmail.com>
> Subject: [nycbug-talk] Would a G5 be able to handle it?
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> Hi there,
> Perhaps this is kind of off topic but I thought I would be interesting.
> A friend of mine is planing to buy a G5 for his mini
> sound studio. He is planing to record cds for different music
> bands which are trying to start in the music world.
> He doesn't know if he should buy the most powerful G5 (Dual G5 2.7G)
> or to go for the cheapest one (Dual G5 2G).
> I asked him what he is planning to run and he told me that he
> wants to use a sound program (Protools if I remember correctly)
> with a DIgi002 soundcard from digidesign to capture 24 sound
> channels. The sample rate for each channel will be 96Khz,
> having 24bits for each sample. Once having the samples,
> the program will apply some "effects" to them in realtime.
> Apparently the soundcard does not offer hardware processing so
> the CPU(s) will do all the sound processing. I read the
> protools requirements but they don't mention anything about the
> # of channels/Cpu requirements.
> I calculated some numbers considering G5 speed, memory speed, channels
> and data per channel, but they are pretty rough because I don't
> know exactly how many instructions/opcodes the CPU will trace
> in order to perform the sound processing for every channel.
> Any advice?
> Thanks,
> David

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