[nycbug-talk] Would a G5 be able to handle it?

jonathan vanasco jvanasco
Sun Aug 28 13:49:50 EDT 2005

find a digi list and  ask there

having done a lot of production in the past on g4s using protools and  
logic, my experience is that depending on the effects you want to  
use, your mileage may vary

ie; some effects worked fine and rendered essentially real-time on a  
g4, while others took hours to process

i know lots of people who do production and harddisk recording on  
stuff way lower than the lowest g5 -- but depending on what your  
friend wants to put through his system, he made need a faster machine  
or a dedicated card

sonicstate.com used to be a really good resource for synth stuff --  
but i haven't been into that scene for 6 years

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