[nycbug-talk] NYCBSDCon status

George R. george
Wed Aug 31 18:15:42 EDT 2005

Things are moving along for September 17th NYCBSDCon.

The speaker list has solidified, and it's a great line-up, particularly 
for a hastily organized day conference.

Max and Nathan are taking care of a/v for the conference.  We have some 
people trying to pull the technical press to the event, although that 
usually doesn't happen first time 'round.

On the NYCBSDCon www site, there is a PDF for download so others can 
spread the news.  These need to get into TekServe, Computer Book Works, 
internet cafes, etc.  http://nycbsdcon.org/downloads/NYCBSDCon_flyer.pdf

Send out an email to your technical contacts and let them know.  Let's 
not keep this a secret.

We'll be putting out another press release in the next week or so, but 
everyone should remember that we will NOT have an Apple Store meeting 
September on the first Wednesday of the month.

If you haven't looked over the details of the event, check out 

And if you haven't registered, I strongly recommend you do so now.


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