[nycbug-talk] Oracle 10g on FreeBSD 6.0

pete wright nomadlogic
Thu Dec 1 11:27:43 EST 2005

On 12/1/05, Anthony Elizondo <anthony.elizondo at gmail.com> wrote:
> I forgot to mention: I'm doing this partly for educational enrichment.
> But I am also doing it to show people in my company that FreeBSD can
> do what Linux can, sometimes better. I'll be doing some simple
> performance testing to see if Oracle+FreeBSD can compete with
> Oracle+Linux.

well if you are going to do a performance test between two platforms
atleast use a common ground to do the test.  Oracle is seriously tuned
for their supported platforms.  I don't even think they support
RHEL4.x at this point.  PostgreSQL (heh I guess you can tell where
most of stand in the DB wars :) may be a good option for Database
performace benchmarking (MySQL obviously would be another good
application as well).  They are both supported and  well documented
under gnu/linux and *BSD.  Now I'm not saying that *BSD is not able to
run Oracle, but I would read any results gotten from this test with a
grain of salt while trying to compare the functionality and performace
of two platforms.

> We are an Oracle shop. Sorry, but that part of the equation is, at
> this point, not negotiable. :)

Yea, one can't argue with that :)  While you are doing benchmarking it
may be fun to see how oracle behaves on linux and solaris.  Now I
think that would be a more fair comparison.


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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