[nycbug-talk] how much is too much?

George R. george
Sun Dec 4 16:05:14 EST 2005

Mohan Singh wrote:
> $work has about 2 dozen employees, all with windows machines. In 
> addition, there are about 40 rack servers running FreeBSD, with a couple 
> of Linux ones in the mix.
> A single sysadmin (me) has to take care of all the Unix machines (not 
> generally a problem), all the webservers (ditto), work as help support 
> (a big time eater), diagnose Windows issues (a huge time eater), write 
> documentation, and do other office technical work (pretty much support 
> anything that runs on electricty).
> This is obviously too much work for one person to handle, but how many 
> additional employees would you think are needed? I'm thinking at least 
> one more full time admin, plus another junior admin/help desk person.
> For those of you who work at similar sized companies, how many IT people 
> do you have on hand?

Hard question to answer. . .

Certainly getting a help desk person would allow you a lot more free 
time.  I would do that first, then reassess. . .

Users tend to hog up a lot of CPU time. . .


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