[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD @ NJIT

George R. george
Mon Dec 5 22:21:17 EST 2005

Kevin Reiter wrote:
> http://cpe.njit.edu/opensourceunix/index.htm
> It's good to see some positive stuff being taught at respected 
> institutions, but sometimes ya gotta wonder...
> I'd sure like to know exactly what certification they're talking about 
> when they mention FreeBSD, though:

AFAIK, it's a university certificate. . . Heard about this a while back. 
. . Dru?

> "The continued exploitations of security holes in the Microsoft Windows 
> operating systems have produced an obvious need for more secure software."
> [Wasn't BSD around before Mickeysoft?]
> "The Berkeley Software Distribution, developed by the Computer Science 
> Research Group at the University of California, has developed into the 
> most secure open source codebase in the world. BSD derivative operating 
> systems, including OpenBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and Apple's Macintosh OS X, 
> are some of the most security-conscious operating systems in the world. 
> They are all based on the open-source standards produced by the original 
> BSD distributions.
> In the business world, the need for competent personnel who are familiar 
> with the open source concept and availability of programs has never been 
> higher --it's rate of growth shows no sign of diminishing either now or 
> in the future
> The path to success in the professional world of Information Technology 
> leads straight through the world of open source and open standards. 
> There has never been a better time to become certified in these 
> important technology areas
> Complete the three stage training and receive certification in open 
> source unix operating systems. The three courses are: 1 Fundamentals of 
> Open Source Operating Systems 2.Administration I 3. Administration II 
> The courses begin via eLearning every 4 weeks, and in-class each Fall 
> and Spring."

Woah, tiger. . . This type of class and program should make us all very 
happy. . . it's clearly taught by someone who is extremely enthused 
about the BSDs.

I don't know much more about the class than what KR posted, but I think 
this type of happening is very good.  It's clearly being taken 
seriously, and it certainly increases the profile of the BSDs.

Let's not get nutty about criticizing any details.  Take it for what it 
is.  A series of classes on FreeBSD.


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