[nycbug-talk] Jailing Party

Isaac Levy ike
Thu Dec 8 08:58:57 EST 2005

Hey All,

Thanks to all who attended last night's meeting on the topic of  
Jailing, really appreciate everyone's involvement!

With that, I'm wondering when a good time for a jailing party would be?

What is this 'Jailing Party'?  It's a few hours of fun, spread over a  
day or two:

1) ike puts a computer online with a base FreeBSD install
2) ike gives root to Jailing Party attendees
3) attendees show up on irc.freenode.org #nycbug
4) everyone makes jails, hands on, first focused on setup/config etc...
5) those inclinded, make attempts to crack, break, or otherwise  
experiment dangerously with the jailed systems (Party is over when  
the box is either hosed, or everyone is satisfied/bored)

The last time we did this it was a lot of fun,
(Old Jailing Party Flyer is here http://diversaform.com/temp/ 
JailingParty.jpg - was a lot of fun...)

When do people want to do this?  (I know everyone is busy with the  


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