[nycbug-talk] Re: 2x 3Ware Escalade 9500S-4LP SATA

Isaac Levy ike
Fri Dec 9 13:22:51 EST 2005

Hey Pete, All,

On Dec 9, 2005, at 1:16 PM, pete wright wrote:

>> On Dec 8, 2005, at 10:55 AM, Chris Buechler wrote:
>>> I've used a variety of 3Ware cards in FreeBSD boxes, 4.x through
>>> 6.x, and they've been solid except for one thing.  Enable SMP and
>>> everything goes all to hell real fast.
>> Anyone know who's 'in charge' of writing the driver for the 3Ware
>> Escalade stuff?  I may have a card for them...
> I think 3ware themselves actually write code for the twe driver...I
> belive, not %100 sure though...
> -pete

Ha!  So if I give the card to their engineers, I get my money back  
too!  Sweet :)


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