[nycbug-talk] openssh in clustered environment

pete wright nomadlogic
Mon Dec 12 14:22:47 EST 2005

Hey All,
any links/hacks and tricks for distributing openssh key's in a large
desktop and cluster unix environment.  ideally i'd like to have key's
distributed to servers at buildtime.  catch is that most builds are
automated so being prompted for passwords during the initial setup can
not happen.  I've started kicking around using hostbased auth, but
this is less secure and does not save any work when I can just script
creating passwordless key's.  Still, the issue I forsee is having to
manually distribute the key's for the first time (having to type a
password atleast once to get a hsots public key into a servers auth.
hosts file).

what are you all doing to manage hosts in large mostly automated
environments (more than 1000 hosts)?


Pete Wright
NYC's *BSD User Group

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