[nycbug-talk] openssh in clustered environment

Marc Spitzer mspitzer
Mon Dec 12 16:42:04 EST 2005

On 12/12/05, pete wright <nomadlogic at gmail.com> wrote:
> funny you mention cfengine, as this is partly due to cfengine ;)
> trying to figure out a way to get the client ppkey's over to the
> master via an install script.  hmm...i guess I can kick around the
> idea of doing some sort of HTTP/perl/python thingy...

see all large env build processes are custom.  What os are you running on here?

one simple way is to put a set of default keys that are only good for
contacting a special server that you download real keys from and
insert the default keys in the build server packages.  and you
consider the keys server key to be short lived, replaced every 15-30
days.  you do not even need to delete the keys as they will time out
quickly and all new servers get the current set and are immediately
getting the data they need.  You can make this as fancy as you like.

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