[nycbug-talk] [info at shmoocon.org: A quick ShmooCon 2006 administrative note]

George R. george
Thu Dec 15 15:05:44 EST 2005

Brad Schonhorst wrote:
> On 12/15/05, Ray Lai <nycbug at cyth.net> wrote:
>>Who's going to ShmooCon?  Let's share rooms.
> I'm planning on it.  I could use a ride as well...if anyone has a spare seat.
> -Brad

I'm going, like last year.  Highly recommended conference.

I will probably just take the canal street bus. . . but we should work 
out a suite at the hotel offline.

Not enough security conferences are serious, non-script kiddie, 
non-LSD-filled, yet not also full of bafoons in suits who don't know 
what a ping is.

Shmoocon is serious, yet technical and full of very cool people.

The organizers are also all BSD-heavy on things . . . Bruce Potter's 
intro rant last year was at least 35% BSD-focused.

And this year, I'm sure you noticed this. ..
"FreeBSD jail(8), A Secure Virtual Machine" (Build It!)

Early unix mainframe computing brought elegant process and resource 
sharing systems which helped get more application use out of expensive 
hardware. These concerns have been largely been pushed aside in 
computing with the rise of desktop PCs, and large farms of 
ever-shrinking pizza boxes in the data center. Today, as more punch gets 
packed into 1u than ever, server resources can be further consolidated 
and abstracted to securely separate complex and sophisticated services 
in the same hardware server, by running secure virtual UNIX machines. 
FreeBSD Jails are a time-tested, secure, reliable UNIX virtual machine 
with endless uses.


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