[nycbug-talk] How to start a new thread

Mikel King mikel.king
Fri Dec 16 11:32:34 EST 2005


> Please do not take this the wrong way.  What I'm about to explain is
> a minor point about threads and how best to make them work for you.
> I'm cc'ing the list because you're sure to not be the only one that
> doesn't know how this works
> Close!  But you replied to my message. Which does not start a new
> thread.
> See here:  http://lists.nycbug.org/pipermail/talk/2005-
> December/thread.html where you'll see that your message is still part
> of the original thread.
> What you need to do is start a brand new email.   Don't reply.
> Granted, some email clients, mine included, allow you to remove the
> headers that make the new email part of an existing thread.    If you
> check the above URL, you'll see that it's a new thread.  I hit reply
> to your email, but used the special features to remove the In-reply-
> to: and References: headers.
> cheers
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	Maybe it's cause you're speaking Canadian, and they can't understand  

	Sorry bud I couldn't resist.

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