[nycbug-talk] Verizon Woes got you down?

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Dec 20 11:09:31 EST 2005

On Dec 19, 2005, at 9:39 PM, George R. wrote:

> Trish Lynch wrote:
>> On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Isaac Levy wrote:
>>> Hey All,
>>> with regular outages), I was luckily cold-called by a TowerStream  
>>> representative, selling 'Pre-WiMax' internet service.
>>> http://towerstream.com
>> Let me know how it works, and also, let me know if anyone has  
>> gotten in touch with you yet from here, or do I make some heads roll?
>> Seriously though, I've been thinking about this since the office  
>> is line of sight from both the MetLife and Empire State  
>> Buildings..... seems like it would be a good solution for my  
>> office bandwidth woes, but I've been very hesitant since its not  
>> tested. Let me know how it goes....
> (IMO, total appropriate for this list, .I)
> If it's not accepted as a standard yet, I would be hesitant to use  
> in production. . . whether it's with about hardware interfaces to  
> the connection or whatever.

Agreed- I'm lucky with this office lan, perfect test case office  
since it can't be any worse than Verizon and T1 probs.

> But now let's see if I have line of sight with Ike. . .

Actually, from my roof, I can see EVERYTHING- mahnattan, downtown  
brooklyn, everything...
I repeat: Does Sangoma make a 802.16 card yet?!?

> Can you give us an idea on pricing?
> g

$495 for guaranteed 1.5mbit synchronous, burstable to 5mbit based on  
network availability- (so far it's sitting pretty at about 2.8mbit  
syncrhonous avg, and I've seen a few bursts over 3.5mbit).

Just a wee bit pricier than a T1.


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