[nycbug-talk] How secure: wireless + ssh?

Francisco Reyes lists
Mon Dec 26 10:18:22 EST 2005

Chris Buechler writes:

> This has been pretty much beaten to death, but there's one quick point 
> I'd like to throw in.  Always connect to any SSH server on a trusted 
> network first

Yes; good point.
I actually copied over the "known_hosts" file from my server.

For now I actually left the wireless router off.

My setup needs some thought.

I have:

FreeBSD server/firewall (external IP and 192.168.10 subnet)
regular switch
Wireless router (uses FreeBSD server as gateway).
  publishes 192.168.0 subnet for wireless use

I just need to spend a little time making sure my firewall rules do not 
allow anything in the wireless router to do connect to any of the other 
machines in the 192.168.10 subnet. I am sure it won't be difficult, just 
need to find the time to do it. For now just connected the laptop directly 
to my regular switch.

Also not even sure if the wireless card works under FreeBSD. It works under 
windows XP, but that is the least I will be doing on that laptop.

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