[nycbug-talk] FreeBSD rebooting every 120 seconds =-(

Okan Demirmen okan
Tue Dec 27 12:27:51 EST 2005

On Tue 2005.12.27 at 12:19 -0500, N.J. Thomas wrote:
> Sometime last week, the FreeBSD 5.4-p6 machine I had been using merrily
> since August started crapping out on me.
> It rebooted spontaneously twice last week while I was using it. Over the
> weekend, it rebooted itself at least two more times.
> (I have installed no new software on this box in months, and I'm fairly
> certain it is not a security issue (it's tied down fairly well, and the
> only service pf allows is ssh from the local LAN).)
> This morning I came back in to find that it is rebooting roughly every
> 2-3 minutes or so, but only when I access the disk.
> Nothing in /var/log seems to indicate what is the problem, but I noticed
> I was able to get it to reboot on me twice by running "less
> /var/log/messages". I noticed I can occasionally make it reboot if I
> open some file.
> Has anyone experience anything similar? How can I go about debugging
> this?
> If this a disk issue, I can easily replace the disk and restore
> everything from the latest backup, but I'd like to find the root cause
> before I start throwing hardware at the problem.
> Any suggestions appreciated.

who "kicked" the box last? :) first make sure everything is seated well.
if still rebooting, take your favorite *BSD live cd and see what that
does. i don't recall what freebsd has, but trying booting the default
bsd.rd (openbsd) from the disk. you can also boot memtest86 too - or a
simple dos disk...that's some things i'd start with...

good luck.

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