[nycbug-talk] Re: dead >=-(

N.J. Thomas njt
Tue Dec 27 16:54:05 EST 2005

* N.J. Thomas <njt at ayvali.org> [2005-12-27 15:50:34 -0500]:
> I'll open this box up, reseat everything and clean out the dust
> bunnies on the inside of the machine (there is quite a bit in there).

Well, after opening up the box, cleaning out all the dust with a can of
compressed air (a cold one, that) and making sure all the cards were
seated properly and plugs were fastened together, I couldn't restart the
machine -- it looks like the motherboard died.

I'm told by my coworker in the office that the mobo of an identical
machine he had died last year. Said something about the vendor doing a
poor job of putting the whole thing together.

Thanks to all who helped out. I guess the only good side to this whole
thing is that it wasn't an FreeBSD or security issue.


N.J. Thomas
njt at ayvali.org
Etiamsi occiderit me, in ipso sperabo

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