[nycbug-talk] 2x 3Ware Escalade 9500S-4LP SATA

Gordon Smith g
Sat Dec 31 10:18:23 EST 2005


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Francisco Reyes writes:

> We just got a machine with a 9550SX on it.
> It was a hassle installing FreeBSD on it. Had to boot a loadable module
> a floppy. Once the machine was upgraded to 6 Stable it was fine since the 
> driver for the card was added in early December to the source tree.
> The reason we went with 3Ware in the latest server is because the vendor
> the machine mentioned that 3Ware had a unique technology which would
> safeguard the data upon power loss. He said that one would have to turn
> the cache in the Areca to be as safe as the 3Ware.. and that the 3Ware
> cache enable was safe.. as long as one got power back before the card 
> batteries ran out. 

Sounds really compelling.  I think Ike mentioned that *his* issue was the
use of the 3Ware card with SMP enabled in FreeBSD 6.  Do you have SMP
enabled in the same 6 Stable machine that has the 3Ware card installed?

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