[nycbug-talk] 2x 3Ware Escalade 9500S-4LP SATA

Francisco Reyes lists
Sat Dec 31 13:03:23 EST 2005

Isaac Levy writes:

> http://www.freebsd.org/releases/6.0R/hardware-i386.html

The SX cards were not supported at release.
If memory serves me well AMCC did spanking new drivers for the SX series 
whereas they were sharing drivers from older versions for the 9500.

The list of supported cards/OS is a bit convoluted

With any luck you will be able to use the same drivers. 

> This is worth a shot, that is now in my queue to try Monday afternoon  
> when I'm back with the hardware.

Hope it works.

As for the CPU difference, I think it is a possible factor, but given that 
we are using different drivers altogether I would not say it's very 
conclusive.. specially since I started out with 5.4 and binaries from AMCC.

Did you try the questions list or the hardware list? Also AMCC seems to be 
responsive to FreeBSD questions. May be worth a shot trying to contact them.

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