[nycbug-talk] 2x 3Ware Escalade 9500S-4LP SATA

Francisco Reyes lists
Sat Dec 31 14:25:50 EST 2005

Isaac Levy writes:

> Yes, the machines are new, but everything except the RAID card is  
> identical to machines I've had in hard production for some time now.   

Is it up to 6 stable yet? Or still 6 release?
There were a number of RAID related changes in December.. some even related 
to a memory leak if I recall correctly.

> Again, using FreeBSD, the Adaptec cards are very very stable, but  
> they are soooo 1995- slow, and wonkie in the features/mgmt arena...

Are you disk bound on the other machines that do simmilar functionality?
Does vmstat shows high number on the "b" column?

If your boxes are not disk bound I would trade stability for features any 
day of the week. :-)

Do continue trying with the 3ware cards, but IF, you are not terribly disk 
bound.. give yourself a deadline by which you will go back tot he Adaptec 
cards.. if you don't give yourself a deadline.. someone else will. :-( 

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